General Álvaro Baltodano, Presidential Delegate for Investments, met in march with former U.S Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Carlos Gutiérrez and opinion leaders from that country. The meeting was held to raise awareness of the progress Nicaragua has made in economic growth, investment and trade.


The Nicaraguan delegation headed by General Baltodano was accompanied by Ambassador Francisco Campbell, Álvaro Rodríguez, President of AmCham Nicaragua, representatives of the chamber and PRONicaragua.


Likewise, the delegation that accompanied former Secretary Gutiérrez was composed of David D. Nelson, General Manager for Government Affairs for General Electric; Missy Owens, Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations for The Coca Cola Company; Eric Toumayan, General Director of Government Relations for APR Energy; Marcos Rampoldi, Member of Latin American Partners CAMIF; Brandom P. Yoder, Member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate; And Sarah Rupert, an employee of the Central American Affairs Office of the United States Department of State, among other companies and investment funds.


General Baltodano expressed the growth Nicaragua has experienced in foreign investment, noting that in 2016 "we obtained more than 1.4 trillion in FDI - more than triple FDI than in 2006 - with the highest growth rate Of Central America." He also said that during the last decade more than 47 countries have been able to invest in Nicaragua. In that same line, General Baltodano highlighted the GDP growth of the last five years, which has been almost 5 percent per year, projecting Nicaragua as the second fastest growing economy in the Central American region, after Panama".

Presidential Delegate added that Nicaragua has based its development on the following factors: attraction of foreign direct investment, which has doubled in the last 5 years, as well as local investment, which has increased after the confidence in the model of Dialogue and consensus established by the government.

To conclude, Presidential Delegate invited participants to "be part of this growth trend and invest in our country and take advantage of our second decade of transformation that is already beginning."

CZF Press Department