EUROFERIA 2017 will be held May 12th and 13th at Crowne Plaza Convention Center with companies from different sectors. “Nicaragua Procedures” (“Trámites Nicaragua") which is part of the Presidential Delegation for the Promotion of Investment and Trade Facilitation led by Minister of Investment, General Alvaro Baltodano, will be one of the agencies participating to promote the benefits it offers Nicaraguan companies.

EUROFERIA 2017 is an international event organized by the Nicaraguan-German Chamber of Industry and Trade and the European Union in Nicaragua, as well as other Chambers, with participation from Central American and European companies in the following sectors:  Food, Automobiles, Household items Cosmetics, Packaging, Renewable Energy, Medical Equipment, Hardware, Logistics, Machinery, Spare Parts, Financial Services, Technical Services, Insurance, Textiles, Transport, Sustainable Tourism, Freight Vehicles and others.

The event will begin Friday the 12th,  at 9:00 a.m. with the participation of representatives from the government, diplomatic corps, international organizations, private sector, cooperation programs and projects, civil society and media. Among the topics to be addressed are:  How to take advantage of the Agreement of Association (ADA) with the European Union in Central America´s current trade environment, the "Initiative for the Development of Business Ideas and Acceleration of Central American SMEs” (DINAMICA), Forum for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism for Development; "Sustainable Tourism the Path to the Future," and Corporate Social Responsibility among others.

According to Olga Sáenz, “Trámites Nicaragua,” will address SMEs from all sectors at 2.00 p.m. on the 12th, with detailed information on how to do business in a session titled "Improving the Business Climate in Nicaragua."

CZF Press Department