Grupo Industrial El Granjero, a Nicaraguan company dedicated to the development of innovative food products with recognized quality standards, announced the investment of an egg pasteurizing plant for export.

Minister of Investment, General Alvaro Baltodano, visited the plant with project representatives from Grupo El Granjero, noting that this is another example of the confidence that investors have in the country, particularly this group that plans to invest more than US$20 million in the next 4 years.

In January of last year, El Granjero innovated with the production of added value egg products, creating a new company, “Prohuevo S.A” to operate in the National Free Trade Zone System with a 3,000 square meter plant to produce pasteurized liquid eggs and top quality powdered eggs.

Prohuevo will begin production in July 2017, with a fully automated plant dedicated to the transformation eggs, such as egg whites and yolks, and the first company to produce powdered eggs in Central America introducing Nicaragua to the egg export market.

The plant will have the capacity to produce more than 400 tons of egg products per month in its first year and offer more than 20 varieties of products in liquid and powdered presentations. The project is 85% completed and represents an investment of more than US$8.5 million of Nicaraguan capital in its first stage.

CZF Press Department