You will be located in the largest and more dynamic industrial Park in the country

  • 187.500 Mt2 of industrial ceiling in an area of 50 manzanas.
  • 40% of the labour force in free trade zones is working in the Park.
  • It produces 50% of all the trousers manufactured in the country.
  • Monthly it mobilizes the greater percentage of containers in products importing and exporting
  • It mobilizes the greater exports percentage in the free trade zones.

  • We have the best engineering staff with high professional capacity and experience to adjust the buildings to your particular needs.
  • The best Industrial Park facilitating installation and operativity of your company.
  • Ease of transport to the human resource
  • Park located in the perimeter of abundant trained human resource
  • Safety in Electrical Energy
  • Access to principal road networks of the country.
  • The only industrial park near to the principal international airport of Nicaragua.