Public safety

  • The safest country in Central America. The levels of public safety in Nicaragua have gained international recognition, on becoming one of the safest countries in the western hemisphere.

Talent in Human Resource and competitive costs 

  • The population of Nicaragua is young; in fact, 80 percent of the total population (5.6 million in 2007) is younger than 39 years.
  • The labor force of 2.2 million people, is recognized by its flexibility, high productivity, good working habits, and ability to learn quickly
  • Managua, capital of Nicaragua, with a total population of 1.3 million inhabitants; 27% of the population of Managua (350.000 inhabitants) are between the ages from 20 to 34 years.
  • Excellent human recourse at competitive prices in the region. Due to its low rate of rotation, rapid curve of apprenticeship and low rates of absenteeism, the Nicaraguan human resource has been quickly positioned as one of the most competitive and productive of the region.
  • There are many bilingual professionals educated in the exterior. In conformity with ProNicaragua's studies, it is considered that 10 percent of working population speaks English and there are many workers available for industries whose activities are intensive in manpower.

Strategic location to the principal world markets 

  • In the centre of America.

Legal framework stimulates investments 

  • Nicaragua has legal framework providing confidence and safety to the investors, and stimulating priority sectors of the country. According the international laws with the member countries of the WTO (Doha, Article VII), Nicaragua is one of few countries in the region that can offer tax incentives and establish free zone systems for exporters in future.

Agreements and international Treaties promoting the access to principal markets. 

  • Nicaragua is an original member of the WTO, and attaches a great importance to its participation in the multilateral trade system. From the beginning of the decade of 1990, Nicaragua has taken part in multilateral, regional and bilateral negotiations (agreements of free trade).

Extension of subsidies to exporting (WTO) beyond the 2010 (Status of free zone) 

  • Nicaragua is original member of the WTO. One of few countries that will be benefited by special system, in the framework of the development aid.

Excellent international and national facilities of communication (Voice and Data) 

  • List of access to optical fiber submarines cables, fixed and cellular telephony, Voice and Data communication companies, etc.